Opportunity Architecting in Testing

HCC  learning and development team planned  a 3 tier program on ‘Contemporary Models in Testing’.Each Tier will close with an assessment, qualifying which the participant is eligible to move to next tier. The introductory session started with “opportunity architecting in testing” – L&D had chosen me to facilitate this program. Approx 30 participants participated from different competencies. I have divided the participants into four groups. I wanted to ensure that each participants participate and contribute so  i came up with group activity, role plays and thought provoking discussions among those four groups.   And also given a challenge of drawing future of software testing in 2020 and the charts work depicted the following:

Team Red: In 2020 IT companies need to bring testing upfront in delivery life-cycle to provide rapid feedback, build automated tests to allow rapid changes and involve all the stakeholders early to build the right value tests.

Team Orange : To do these they need to invest in multi-skilled testing professionals trained in cutting edge test methodologies.

Team Yellow : Testers alone can’t bring efficiency in testing. For that there needs to be an increase in collaboration between testers and business experts, testers and developers and testers and end users.

Team Green : Organizations which encourage use of agile methods, new tools and techniques, cloud virtualization which allow collaboration to happen are more likely to deal with changes efficiently.

One of the best good Learning session for each one of us in 2011!

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